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Leontine Wagenaar CEO Photo: Carla van Thijn

A strong identity needs a strong story, as a strong story needs a strong identity.

Leontine Wagenaar is an international operating fashion consultant. With her agency Spizes she offers concept and product development for the fashion industry.

She has 30 years experience in design consultancy for commercial fashion retailers and brands. Working with local suppliers in far east, managing the sample production process and work with foreign cultures.

Key skills:
Her creative skills, flexibility, motivation and commitment has enabled her to respond to changing market needs effectively.

She is a well-respected person by international companies. Thinking inside the box for more effective exposure. 

“Companies will benefit from my fresh approach, understanding multi-cultural team dynamics and decision-making processes. This always leads to long term results, effective strategic alliances and customer satisfaction. Balancing a drive for growth and team motivation. When faced with challenging situations, my focused approach leads to collective success.”

Vision and ambition:
“In contrast to many of which are thinking “outside of the box”, Leontine believes to look “into the box”. Having a very hands-on approach on what the opportunities within your company or organization are for innovation in product ranges, marketing and vm (visual merchandising).

Good strategy is powered by the Time Spirit and comes with deep research. It will result in inspiring strategies that suits your business. To make your brand ready for export to Asia, or to make asian brands ready for export to Europe. I am always focused to get the optimum result.

From my experience in children’s fashion, I have developed a colorful view and a playful approach on everything what has to do with design and marketing. Teaching and coaching is like a second nature for me. Sharing is caring!

Spizes collaborates with other talented professionals under the name PiD (Partners in Design) Amsterdam. Organizes Fashion Field trips for students and young professionals in collaboration with FP-Academy

Guest lecturing: 
GAFA, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art (GAFA)
Guangzhou PanYu Polytechnic College 
Saxion University Netherlands